Where the wild things really are

As the sun rises, so do the Impala.
As the sun rises, so do the Impala.

For my first experience of an African safari, I took the advice of a friend and opted to go on tour with Red Chilli Safari, beginning from their hostel in Kampala. It has quite a spectacular setting given its nearby location to the hecticness of the city. Dinner and meeting new people on my first night there, after watching the sun go down over the hills whilst sipping a cold Nile Special, led me to an early bedtime, ready for an early rise.

Each of the following three days continued in the same manner, with each one beginning around 6am. It is not for those who want to lie-in that is for sure!

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Family matters



The move over here has not been done lightly or without a lot of mental preparation, and I know my self well enough to know that it is not something that will just settle into normality in an instant.  There has been more practicalities to organise than I could possibly have anticipated, and I am incredibly pleased that this process actually began quite a few months ago due to this.

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How magical it would be, if we were able to remember in every moment, that life changes in an instant

africa leap

So here I am, on the crest of a rather large and imminent wave.  Over the past few days and weeks, I have watched deep-set fears and insecurities rise up strong and send me into allsorts of spirals.  Yet just as I seemed to reach a peak of overwhelm, I received a rainbow-coloured figure sat playing Coldplay’s “The scientist” at Brighton station’s beautifully antique piano, labelled with a sign Play me

Tears that have been building up and held in over days, weeks, and months, flowed softly and powerfully behind my darkened sunglasses and I released a huge breath of intensity.

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